External Reviews

"Pritchett's witty and straight-shooting style make this feel less like a business manual and more like insider advice from a successful friend. ...this no-nonsense collection of real-life business experiences may even find you laughing out loud."

Kirkus Reports, January 1, 2006

"I almost never say this about the business books I read, but Fire Someone Today is a must read for every entrepreneur. I could have written this book myself since my advice is so close to Bob's. Many times I thought Bob was speaking directly to me about my experience."

Barry Moltz, March 3, 2006

"Fire Someone Today sounds like a book of contrary advice for bosses. Surprisingly, it is a book full of down-to-earth, practical and tested advice for leaders seeking to better their company and the lives of those who work for them."

Leading Blog, May 5, 2006

"The title certainly grabs your attention, but what of the content? ...this slim tome is solid reading for any small-business owner."

New York Post, May 8, 2006

Advance Reader Reviews

"Bob's book is like a year's worth of lunches with someone who has been way down the road and taken a lot of lumps--who can now help you avoid repeating his mistakes. And you only have to buy once."

Guy Kawasaki - Author of The Art of the Start

"I've watched companies such as Microsoft and RealNetworks grow to be powers in the industry. I've also started two businesses myself. Bob's advice is direct, accurate and honest. Even Bill Gates would have appreciated a copy in his early years! It's no wonder Bob has built such a successful business for himself, one which combines his personal and professional passions."

Bruce Jacobsen - ex-general manager, Microsoft Kids/Games business unit, Managing Partner, DreamWorks Interactive, President RealNetworks, founder/CEO Kinetic Books

"Bob Pritchett has written a classic for anyone running or starting up a small to mid-sized business. There's compelling information on every page. I couldn't stop reading and the same will happen to you."

Pat Williams - Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic

"FST is a breakthrough for those of us that hate wading through theoretical business books when we really want to read practical, actionable commentary. As founder of multiple businesses I found the material fresh, accurate and fraught with humor. A must read for every start-up CEO."

Kevin Cable - co-founder of Cascadia Capital and serial entrepreneur

"Incredible insight into the basics of building a successful business, regardless of size."

Mark Anderson - President Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc.

"Fire Someone Today is a practical, revealing and immediately useful guide for any entrepreneur or CEO of a startup or any small company, regardless of the level of success and experience of that leader. It is a guiding torch for the treacherous road of new businesses creation and development."

Lotfi Belkhir - Founder/CEO, Kirtas Technologies, Inc.

"Bob's 'true confessions' is a refreshing and unvarnished look at the life of an entrepreneur. Many lessons learned and shared in this jewel of a publication."

Paul J. Grey - CEO, AudienceCentral

"Fire Someone Today is full of practical wisdom and advice. The book is entertaining, truthful and very useful. I recommend it to every business person of any size company."

Alan Schell - President, Upchurch Scientific

"I've attended countless seminars and read numerous books over the past thirty-five years trying to be the best I could be as an entrepreneur and employer. Sadly, most of those books and seminars were more 'academic' than practical and worth far less than the time and money I invested. Fire Someone Today is a refreshing exception! The practical 'nuts and bolts' approach makes this a must read for any serious entrepreneur, especially one who is just getting started or who is even contemplating launching a new business."

Robert E. Martin - Founder/Co-Founder and CEO, Heritage Management Services, Inc., Advantage Home Care, Inc., Advantage Rehab, Inc., Mid-South Medical Supply, Inc.

"I found Bob's book to be easy to read, to the point and very practical. Having gone through a few different start-up businesses now, I can honestly say that I wish I knew then all the information that is in Bob's book. Had I followed it, I would have saved many thousands of headaches and dollars!"

Anne-Marie Faiola - CEO, Bramble Berry Inc. and Otion, LLC

"I recommend Fire Someone Today for anyone who has a business of their own, or is considering starting one. Bob's observations, experiences and recommendations make it a lot easier to see what we so often are missing when we are so close to our own businesses."

Robin Halliday - CEO, Rivetek Inc.

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